How Superior/Inferior Hypogastric Plexus Injections Treat Pain

Back Pain Treatments Nov 17, 2016

Patients who suffer from chronic pain often are unable to live normally or carry out their typical daily routines. They must take time out of each day to take medication or to rest because of the amount of suffering that their pain causes them.

When you want to get back to enjoying life without being dependent on prescription medications, you may be willing to try treatments like superior/inferior hypogastric plexus injections. Before you agree to this treatment, however, you may want to know more about why it is used today to address a variety of causes of chronic pain.

Finding the Source of Your Chronic Pain

You may know that pain in your body is caused by some sort of trauma one or several of your nerves. When the nerves are irritated or injured, they create pain that can range in intensity from minor to severe.

Despite being in severe pain, however, you may be unable to tell which nerve is bothered and which ones are functioning normally. Likewise, your doctors may be unable to pinpoint the cause of your pain without first performing diagnostic tests. Once they know what nerve or group of nerves is irritated or hurt, they can devise the best medical treatment for you.

Along with taking x-rays or MRIs of your body, your doctors may perform tests that involve injecting the nerves in your spinal cord. If the pain stops once the targeted nerves are injected, your doctors can determine better from what illness or condition you may suffer.

The idea of having your nerves in your spinal column injected with needles can sound frightening. However, doctors use ultrasounds or sonography to guide the needle safely into your spine so that the risk of injury is reduced. You will be placed on your stomach so that you are lying face down on the table or gurney. It is important that you remain as still as possible during the procedure.

Stopping Pain with Superior/Inferior Hypogastric Plexus Injectionssuperior/inferior hypogastric plexus injections | Comprehensive Pain Management Center

Along with using injections to find the source of your chronic pain, doctors can use them to stop the pain at its source. Once they know what nerves are bothering you, your physicians can then inject the nerves with medication that will ease the irritation, inflammation, and injury that causes you such distress.

Like the diagnostic injection procedure, you must lie still so that your medical team can evaluate and treat you carefully. You also may be required to stay in the hospital or medical clinic for evaluation afterward so that your doctors know if the treatment worked or if you are still in pain. You also may be required to walk without help from a nurse afterward so that they know that your spinal column was not adversely affected by the injections.

Many patients experience long-lasting relief with this kind of medical treatment. You may no longer have to take prescription medications to manage your pain. You likewise may be able to move around and carry out your normal routine without experiencing discomfort or pain.

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