Post Herpetic Neuralgia

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Post Herpetic Neuralgia


Post herpetic neuralgia is a painful condition that may accompany a shingles outbreak. Shingles

occurs due to the same virus guilty of causing chickenpox. Adults 60 years of age and older are

encouraged to get the shingles vaccine as it may prevent the outbreak of shingles and the Post

Herpetic Neuralgia that may follow. This occurs when nerves are damaged due

to the shingles outbreak. After the shingles rash, pain is usually felt on the

location of the shingles outbreak and is described as a sharp, burning, or jabbing pain. Other

symptoms include itching, numbness, muscle weakness, and sensitivity to touch.

Diagnosis of Post Herpetic Neuralgia usually relies on a patient’s history specifically about the

shingles outbreak. There is no specific test or treatment to remedy Post Herpetic Neuralgia.

Treatments commonly used include antidepressants, anti-convulsants, pain-relieving skin patches,

opioids, and/or topical pain creams. Patients with shingles that visit a doctor and start a course of

antivirals within the first 72 hours of the shingles rash appearing are less likely to develop Post

Herpetic neuralgia.


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