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When An Injury Turns Into Chronic Pain

blog, Pain Management Mar 17, 2017

Research has shown that pain affects over one hundred million people, as reported by primary care physicians. Addressing pain can be simple for some and extensive for others, depending on the type of injury. You may have a simple fix, like a broken finger that gets a splint and is healed with a few months. Or you may have a...

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5 Common Causes of Chronic Pain

blog, Pain Management Feb 24, 2017

If you suffer from chronic pain then you know just how devastating it can be to suffer without relief. You know you have a pain, you feel sick, but not one of the many doctors you have seen can identify a source for your pain. It must be very frustrating to know that even the doctors don’t have an answer...

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5 of the Biggest Myths about Chronic Pain

Pain Management Jan 10, 2017

Chronic pain is a sadly misunderstood topic – and it’s easy to see why. It’s not exactly natural, nor intuitive to experience pain on a constant level – and when you are subjected to pain, it’s hard to constructively think or analyze the situation. Understanding the Basics This isn’t a well-defined condition, in that some of its mechanisms are still...

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How to Change Your Diet for Chronic Pain Relief

Pain Management Dec 09, 2016

Dealing with chronic pain can often be a life-long struggle, underlined by years of medication and therapy. To many, the only way out of the pain is through pills. But while medication can alleviate some of the pain, the long term side effects of medication-based pain management can be drastic, and in some cases, devastating. To list just a few,...

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How Superior/Inferior Hypogastric Plexus Injections Treat Pain

Back Pain Treatments Nov 17, 2016

Patients who suffer from chronic pain often are unable to live normally or carry out their typical daily routines. They must take time out of each day to take medication or to rest because of the amount of suffering that their pain causes them. When you want to get back to enjoying life without being dependent on prescription medications, you...

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9 Ways to Minimize Back Pain at Your Desk

Back Pain, Back Pain Causes, Back Pain Treatments Nov 09, 2016

Given the data, it’s fair to say that to the majority of America’s working populace, sitting is somewhat of a natural state. US News notes that over 85 percent of American workers remain seated for their jobs, and PR Newswire discovered in a recent survey that the average American spends 13 hours a day sitting. While it’s a natural resting...

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7 Tips to Help You Manage Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain, Back Pain Treatments, Pain Management Oct 20, 2016

Are you burdened by chronic back pain? You are not alone, back pain is the second most common reason people visit the doctor in the US. If you have reported your pain to your doctor and told that you don't have an acute injury and are just plagued with back pain that seems to have no cause, then there are easy ways...

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Sports Injuries

blog Sep 08, 2016

Recognizing and Preventing Athletic Damages to Your Body Athletes are some of the fittest individuals in the world. As strong as their bodies are, however, they also can sustain injuries because of the repetitive and stressful motions of their chosen activities. You can stay fit and enjoy your favorite sport or exercise by knowing how to recognize and prevent common...

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Simple Tips to Help You Manage Chronic Pain

blog, Pain Management, Wellness Aug 31, 2016

Pain indicates that something is wrong with the body. It can slowly show up over time or it can come on suddenly after an injury. Pain can range from mild to severe, and can come and go or occur on an acute basis. Acute pain comes on all at once and is usually brief, commonly in response to an injury....

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Relieving Chronic Back Pain with Innovative Treatments

Back Pain Treatments, blog, Pain Management Aug 10, 2016

The pain from degenerated or slipped discs can bring your daily life to a halt. You may find it difficult or even impossible to bend, lift heavy objects, or sit comfortably. Rather than treat the pain with prescription medications or trying to adjust your life to it, treatment options like disc denervation help with relieving chronic back pain. What is...

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