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How A Pain Management Specialist Can Help You

Pain Management Jan 15, 2018

Pain is a natural part of life, but for many Americans, its role daily becomes unmanageable and consistently excruciating. From illnesses like fibromyalgia, to injury-related long-term nerve damage, there are many ways for pain to become a chronic element in a person’s life, and beyond the usual avenues of prevention and cure, many Americans turn to a pain management specialist...

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10 Lower Back Exercises for Pain to Do at Home

Alternative Treatments Dec 14, 2017

Lower back pain is a major struggle, regardless of when in life you’re saddled with it. But chronic pain is even worse, and can be extremely difficult to deal with. The most important thing, regardless of how you approach your condition, is to approach it with a sense of optimism. It’s appreciably hard to do so while in pain, but the...

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Living With Chronic Pain and Finding Gratitude

Pain Management Nov 16, 2017

Chronic pain is one of the most misunderstood conditions a human being can struggle with, because it is so strange and unusual. Because of this, living with chronic pain can be extremely difficult. Most people understand pain as a sharp sensation, a temporary warning that accompanies some sort of immediate threat/danger, or injury. If you cut yourself, your brain signals...

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Pain Assessment: How Bad is Your Pain?

blog, Pain Management Oct 18, 2017

Science argues that pain is a subjective experience. Some pain experts agree that part of feeling the pain is how your brain is interpreting it. Fortunately, whether it's all in your head or not, there are pain assessment tools to determine how bad your pain is. Here are different types of assessment tools to help you accurately portray your pain...

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Responses to Lower Back Pain Is Changing

Back Pain, blog Sep 20, 2017

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care in the United States. According to the NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll, people are responding to their lower back pain differently than in the past, and their choices seem to vary depending on their education and income levels. The Survey on Back Pain On a regular basis,...

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Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy for Chronic Pain

Alternative Treatments Aug 21, 2017

Humans and animals have shared a bond of companionship for thousands of years. We have bred animals like cats and dogs to be fellow hunters, friends, and guardians. And research shows that our bond is strong with some animals. This bond is so strong that animals – mostly dogs – have evolved to partially understand and react to human emotion...

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How to Stay Optimistic with Chronic Illness

blog, Wellness Jul 19, 2017

Chronic illness is a fact of life for about half of American adults, a statistic that has been steadily and tragically growing over the past few decades. It isn’t just poor health and trouble coping with any number of crippling symptoms. It's also a deep mental anguish that too often transforms from a feeling to a disorder. Illness and pain come in many shapes...

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Natural Pain Relievers and Anti-Inflammatories

blog, Pain Management Jun 19, 2017

Medication is not the only reliable way to relieve pain – and for many, long-term medication is not a very suitable way to relieve chronic pain, which can plague a person for years. While most of our pharmaceutical options rely on natural extracts anyway, there are specific benefits towards applying some of nature’s own natural pain relievers in their original form. But...

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How Fibromyalgia Pain Relates to Other Pain Conditions

blog, Pain Management May 18, 2017

Pain is not something we’re particularly inclined to like, as its intended function is to be something we actively avoid and work against. But there is such a thing as useful pain. Pain that teaches us valuable lessons in life, like avoiding fire and minding our step. But there is some pain that has absolutely no use, and no meaning....

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Is There a Link Between Weather and Pain?

blog Apr 18, 2017

Pain is that uncomfortable feeling in one or more parts of your body that is seeking attention. It is the body’s way of telling you something is not right and to seek help to resolve the pain. Some examples of pain include migraines, pinched nerves, broken bones, ear aches, pulled muscles, toothaches, and stomach aches. Other types of pain can...

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